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 Understanding the basics.

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Understanding the basics. Empty
PostSubject: Understanding the basics.   Understanding the basics. EmptyMay 8th 2012, 10:58 am

When buying and selling limiteds you should look out for a couple things.

A. The Recent Average Price
B. The 30% market fee.

Back to A.
The Recent Average Price shows what the hat was sold for, recently.

Recently hat prices have been raising. This is because of 2 things,
People are loosing BC and can no longer sell items
The newly introduced method of "Projecting"

Projecting is when you buy and delete an item many times so it becomes more rare. This leads to prices going high.
Now back to the main topic.
The Recent Average price shows what a hat was sold for, recently, averaged out.
Say the Recent Average Price is 4,000 Robux but the prices of the hat are 20,000 Robux, it's a bad deal because
it is most likely not going to sell.

Now to B.
The 30% market fee.
Whenever you put an item for sale and it sells ROBLOX takes 30% of your Robux, and you get the other 70%.
Let's say you have something and you buy it for 2000 Robux and try to sell it for say 2500 Robux.
You are going to loose money!
ROBLOX is going to take 30% of your profits, which is 750 Robux (2500*0.3).
You would earn 1,750 Robux, now considering you bought it for 2,000 Robux, you lost money!
This is something to consider

That's all for today! Hope this helped.

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Understanding the basics.
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